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The CMO is one of the most critical roles for your company. A CMO is the essential resource that establishes your entire go-to-market blueprint: product positioning, product-market-fit, market surveys, messaging, vocabulary, marketing strategy, brand-building, demand and lead gen, technology, measurement, and more. A CMO well-versed in SaaS growth will also bring the rigor of continuous refinement to all of the above, with a strong attention to detail and ability to project manage a wide variety of initiatives. Our on-demand Outsourced CMO can provide fractional and interim services to take your company to the next level and refine your brand and offering to align for rapid growth.

A CRO is focused on revenue-generating opportunities. The CRO is leader of the sales team who builds the pipeline and revenue strategies, creates a sales process and operations, ensures the CRM tracks and stages align, coaches and mentors the sales reps, and reports on revenue projections for stakeholders. Our on-demand Outsourced CRO can provide revenue-focused services that ensure the dollars flow from all internal and external efforts.

Choose to engage one - or both - resources for the ultimate alignment of the most critical front-end path to scale for your business.



Don't need a full-level CMO or CRO?

We provide a hands-on VP of Sales and VP of Marketing to plug into your business and grow.

Choose to engage one - or both! - to work with your existing team and provide fractional or interim services to fill the gaps and ensure success.



For smaller, short-term sales & marketing projects, ElleSpark can provide a number of on-demand resources.

These projects include:

• Sales Playbooks

• Marketing Playbooks

• Customer Lifecycle Management Playbooks

• Automation Catalogs

• Internal SOPs

• Dashboards

• Marketing Campaign Management

• Specialized Marketing Initiatives

• Email Automation Management

• Demand/Lead Generation

• SDR/Inside Sales Resource

• Design for Conversion

• Marketing, Sales, Revenue Assessments

• Attribution Tracking

• Sales Process Design

• CRM Cleanup

• Forecast Creation

• Sales Strategy

• Sales Rep Training & Coaching

• Sales KPI Development

...and more.


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After 6 months working with one company we increased MRR by 5X.

After 5 months working with another company we increased signed contracts by 8,400%.

After 1 year working with another company we tripled (3X) the number of marketing qualified leads from the previous year.


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